Evernote for Event Profs

While we all know technology has changed the way we do business, one thing that it has not changed is the amount of information that we deal with on a daily basis. In fact, the proliferation of technology has increased the different types of information we can create and that we need to file, record, keep track of, and act on.

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(Almost) everything you wanted to know about event AV

Event technology, AV equipment, production, sound and lights. These are just some of the terms that we as planners use to describe a huge array of technology. Everything from podium microphones to audience response systems to webcast and telecom equipment would fall under event AV.

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running from the lion

running from the lion
Your brain is amazing, I know this won’t come as a shock to anyone but it really really is. In fact, you can’t really imagine how amazing your brain really is, and that’s a bit of a strange sentence if you think about it. While it’s difficult for us to wrap our heads around the sheer awesome power of our brain, no pun intended, but let’s take a look at what your brain is doing right now, just to put things into perspective.

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